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Village Tour

Through the real village tour programs, visitors will get an opportunity to really experience local life and have interactions with local peoples. this will allow you to gain an understanding of village people income, traditional market, culture and agriculture. this guideline we provide you with, but it is very flexible and can be customized according to your interests and time frame. the rest is your own program, you can take a beautiful walk or ride a bicycle (optional) or take a rest in hotel.


- Village tour Cost $25/person

This included... Transport/round trip, driver, petrol, guide fee, parking ticket, coconut water local etc

Cooking & Market

Market tour & traditional cooking class

Experience local culture, fresh fruits and vegetables, traditional local shops, local food tastings a delicious with a market tour and an interactive cooking class.

Guests are shown by the traditional art of cooking local cuisine with our home-style cooks who share their traditional cooking techniques, helpful hints, and entertaining stories. and Enjoy a cooking class, jungle views around and fresh air where you'll cook with seasonal ingredients.

Afterwards, your hard work will be rewarded by getting to enjoy a delicious traditional local meal!

Food culture experience includes: a market tour, local food culture, cooking lessons, lunch, dinner, refreshments and take home recipes. Vegetarian options available and Notify us of severe allergies.


- Market tour. Cost $15/person.

This included…transpor/round trip (Tuk-Tuk or Motorbike), driver, petrol, guide fee, parking ticket etc


- Traditional cooking class. Cost $20/person. (You can decide what traditional local delicious food you like to learn).

You can pick between two sessions for cooking classes, one in the morning from 10am till lunch and in the afternoon from 3pm till dinner.

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